How to Remove Simple Scratches From Car Paint

Even if you take care of your vehicle so well, you may come across small scratches on the bodywork. And, at that time, what to do? Today we’re going to give you tips for removing simple scratches on car paint . Let's check? To know more, check out: car scratch remover

First step: assess the risk

Before ironing products to remove scratches from the car paint you must pay attention to the depth of the scratch. Surface scratches can be removed with wax or polishing paste .

So it is important to know if the risk is easy to remove. To find out, see if another color appears at the bottom of the stripe. If this happens, it is a sign that the scratch has passed through the varnish and paint layer of the bodywork.

In this case, the ideal is that you look for a professional to repair the damage, because homemade solutions will not be able to guarantee the best result in painting. There is the maxim: “cheap can be expensive”. Trying to remove the deepest scratches at home can make you spend a lot more to repair the damage later.

Tips on how to take risks from car paint

If the scratches are superficial, like the scratches your dog made with his nails, you can use automotive wax . Yes, the same wax used to shine the car's bodywork can help cover those simpler scratches and even help protect the varnish.

Polishing paste is another product that helps to cover the scratches on the car's paint, but to use this technique you need experience. So, only do it if you have confidence in your work or the damage can be even greater.


If you are polishing to remove scratches, it is super important to start by washing and drying the area where the scratches in the paint are. This cleaning serves to prevent grains of sand or dust, for example, from being within the risks and affecting the final result, leaving imperfections in the bodywork.

Are you going to use sandpaper to remove the scratches? The most suitable is the 2000 grit sandpaper which helps to minimize surface scratches without deteriorating the paint. When sanding, you must make the movements in the same direction to avoid further scratches. But be careful: just like the polishing paste, you also have to be very careful when using sandpaper .

Another way to remove surface scratches easily is to bet on the removal pen. It helps to cover up minor damage to the bodywork, disguising the risks.

It is worth reinforcing: only do the repairs yourself when they are superficial so that you don't have to pay a high bill later, ok?

So, have you had to deal with the scratches on the car? Tell us what you did to repair the small scratches in the car paint. Enjoy and stay tuned here on the blog, activating notifications.

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